40AM Microphone
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G.R.A.S. 40AM is a high-precision electret condenser microphone made according to IEC 61094-4 requirements.

The 40AM’s design is based on the original reference ½” externally polarized pressure microphone, but is optimized for free-field measurements. This results in a doubling of the upper 3 dB frequency limit. All other parameters remain unchanged, making 40AM the perfect free-field complement to the G.R.A.S. 40AO ½” Prepolarized Pressure Microphone.

Typical applications and use

The compact design and low sensitivity make 40AM very robust and stable. This, combined with its wide frequency range, makes it an all-round free-field microphone suitable for both field-work and laboratory measurements. 


The 40AM requires a standardized ½” or ¼” CCP preamplifier and an input module that supports this technology with a BNC, SMB, or Microdot connector.

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