40AR Microphone
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The 40AR is an IEC 61094 WS2P/D ½” externally polarized random-incidence microphone with rear-venting.

The 40AR is a high-precision condenser microphone made according to IEC 61094-4 requirements. It also fulfills the requirements of ANSI S1.4.

This extremely robust and reliable microphone is ideal for random, diffuse, and reverberant sound fields. For a random-incidence microphone, it has a very wide frequency response ranging from 3.15 Hz to 16 kHz.

Typical applications and use

The 40AR is optimized to measure sound levels correctly in random (diffuse) sound fields e.g. caused by multiple sound sources or hard reverberant surfaces. Random incidence microphones are used e.g. inside vehicles.


The 40AR requires a standardized 1/2″ or 1/4″ LEMO preamplifier and an input module that supports this technology with a 7-pin LEMO connector.


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