47BX Flush-mount Microphone Set
from GRAS

Microphones and Accelerometers

Typical applications and use

  • Flush mounting in confined spaces
  • Flush mounting in clay models
  • Flush mounting in scale models for wind tunnel tests
  • Ground array measurements
  • General noise measurements


With a height (to the diaphragm) of only 8 mm, 47BX is suitably designed for flush mounting in plates in ground array applications and other applications with size constraints.

The microphone is a prepolarized pressure microphone with a dynamic range from 44 dB to 165 dB and a frequency range from 4 Hz to 70 kHz. The built-in preamplifier is a low noise constant current power (CCP) type, with a built-in TEDS circuit for automatic transducer identification. The set has an integrated 1.5 m cable (G.R.A.S. 47BX-CL with customized length optional) with Microdot connector plus an adapter for BNC cable.

Flush-mounting is ideal where holes can be made in the structure, such as a clay model, to accommodate the front-vented 47BX. A rear-vented version is also available, the 47BX-S1

The 47BX is based on the IEC 61094 standard for measurement microphones.

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