SV211 Noise Monitoring Case System
from Svantek

Acoustic Monitoring Stations

SV 211 Noise Monitoring Case System is a portable monitoring system that is housed in a waterproof case and is ideal for periodical measurements in the environment. The system can use either the SVAN 977 or SVAN 979 instruments which can easily be removed from the case and used as hand-held sound level meters.
The SV 211 is powered from a high capacity rechargeable battery which is also mounted in the case and can be charged from an external DC power source such as a mains powered charger or by direct connection to a solar panel.
The outdoor microphone kit is easily installed on a mast with standard mounting threads. For measurement at greater heights a special mast with a set of guy-lines / ropes is available. An optional extra for the SV 211 system is our SV 205A weather monitoring module which measures temperature, ambient pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction and also detects rain.
The SV 211 system supports direct communication using GPRS and Wi-Fi modems which give full remote control over the measurement. From the PC side the remote communication is handled by the powerful SvanPC++_RC software that offers advanced features such as automatic data download or CSV and HTML data publishing combined with FTP upload. Use of a GPRS modem also enables sending triggered SMS and e-mail alerts when pre-set noise level thresholds are exceeded.
The analysis of noise data is supported by the advanced system of automatic markers representing acoustic events in the time history.  In addition, the audio-event recording allows identification of sources of sound and the exclusion of irrelevant noise events.
The system is fully compatible with SvanPC++ software and use of the optional Environmental Monitoring module offers increased functionality including day / night / evening calculator, statistics recalculation and automated noise event finder; a unique tool for noise source identification. For automatic measurement reports on a daily basis, SvanPC++ offers “Projects” functionality which allows you to create and save reports into MS Word templates.

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