Apollo 4-ch data acquisition box
from Sinus

Multi-Channel Systems

Apollo from Sinus is a 4 channel acquisition box, connecting to your PC using USB connection. Previously, we were supplying Symphonie & Harmonie with 01dB software, but now we go straight to the source, Sinus Messtechnik in Leipzig, who makes full use of the on-board DSP processing power.

The units feature 7 pin Lemo or BNC connection, for full microphone and accelerometer support, and an additional auxiliary connector allows acquisition of ‘slow’ data such as pressure, temperature, position etc.

This connector also handles tacho input for order-related analyses. Harmonie is also available as an internal PCI card for desktop PCs.

The Samurai software is the core application, and in its basic form gives you a sound/vibration level meter, 1/3 octave analyser and FFT analyser. Data may also be streamed to disk at the same time, for further processing or export to other packages.

The new Hurricane hardware supports up to 32 channels of acquisition, and the software runs on a solid-state rugged PC.

Many options are available, optimising the system to your application, and these include sound power, sound intensity, building acoustics to ISO140/717, order analysis, acoustic impedance/absorption and a very nice automotive pass-by application. Remote acquisition applications are also possible using a TCP server. One very useful addition is a webcam, so video can be streamed to disk simultaneously.

The Apollo hardware is also available as the SoundBook 2, which is built into a rugged Panasonic Toughbook making a very portable but practical field system.

So whether it’s a laboratory multichannel analyser you are after, or a rugged field-portable system, the Sinus packages offer great quality and value for money.

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