AudioConnect 4×4 and cable kit
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Acoustic Monitoring Stations

AudioConnect 4×4TM is a high accuracy 4-in, 4-out audio interface specifically designed for audio test and measurement. It offers digital and analog audio in and out at standard sampling rates up to 192kHz, and a high signal to noise ratio and wide frequency response, making it suitable for the most demanding measurement applications. Controls are simple – a single USB connection and a power indicator – all other typical audio interface controls that are not used for audio test applications have been eliminated to make operation and calibration simple with no room for error. AudioConnect 4×4 is supplied fully calibrated.


  • High signal to noise ratio and wide frequency response for demanding applications
  • Digital and analog audio in and out
  • USB Control
  • All other settings eliminated for ease of use
  • Compact, rugged and rack-mountable

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