BeanDevice Wireless Bi-Axis Inclinometer
from BeanAir

Wireless Inclinometer based on MEMS Technology
Excellent resolution: 0,001°
Temperature compensated sensor
Excellent radio link thanks to the antenna diversity developed by Beanair®
Non contact actuation for faster installation
Streaming mode: 60 SPS on each channel
Maximum radio range : 500 m (L.O.S)
Ultra-Power radio Technology IEEE 802.15.4
Current consumption in idle mode : < 30 uA
Embedded Data Logger : up to 1 000 000 data acquisition records (with events dating)
OPC server allowing real time access from your IT system to the BeanScape® (available on BeanScape® Premium+)
Entirely autonomous system with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery charger
Anti-aliasing Butterworth filter (5th order) with a cut-off frequency of 1 Hz to 2 KHz (remotely programmable from the BeanScape®)
Watertight aluminium enclosure IP66 (dimensions Lxlxh : 80x55x21 mm—weight 145g rechargeable battery included) – suitable for Harsh Industrial Environment
Free Scilab scripts for FFT and PPV filtering
Time Synch function : The Device is synchronized with your PC/PLC clock with an accuracy less than 5 ms

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