ELR610S Heat Shield
from LSI

Health and Safety Instrumentation

Heat Shield is a compact measuring system including radiant temperature sensors, wet bulb temperature, air relative temperature and humidity for the calculation and display of globe temperature, wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity, displaying as well indoor & outdoor WBGT indexes, Heat Index and Humidex in a single unit. Heat Shield MASTER module can support up to two SATELLITE units for the calculation of time-weighted WBGT index at three levels (as required by standard ISO 7243: 1989) or of all indexes in three different environments. Heat Shield can be connected to an anemometer; being so, it is able to acquire all the quantities needed to GlDAS TEA program for the calculation of other indexes for thermal comfort (PMV/PPD, TO, ISO 7730), thermal stress (PHS, ISO 7933) and cold stress (IREQ, Dlim, ISO 11079). GIDAS TEA allows you to perform in-depth analyses, simulations and reports. Heat Shield provides also MW6501 – LSI LASTEM products DVD with HS Manager program installed. HS Manager allows you to transfer data from the instrument to your PC, perform analyses and evaluate the working limits of operators in the environments according to the variables defined in ISO 7243.

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