46BG Microphone
from GRAS

Microphones and Accelerometers

Typical application and use

The 46BG is a pressure microphone set and as such optimized for acoustic measurements of the sound source in a closed coupler or the measurement of sound pressure at a boundary or wall; in which case the microphone forms part of the wall and measures the sound pressure on the wall itself.


The G.R.A.S. 46BG is a high-performance standard microphone set. In our clean-room environment the set is assembled and sealed with a label. However, the microphone set can be dismounted, if you wish to use the components separately.


The microphone cartridge is the high-quality IEC  61094 WS3P standardized G.R.A.S. 40BG 1/4″ Prepolarized Pressure Microphone, designed for long-term reliability in multiple environments.

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