Impedance gun IMPDEMO17
from Microflown

Hand-held Sound and Vibration Instrumentation

With a small, handheld impedance gun, the acoustic absorption, reflection, or impedance can be measured in just a few minutes. All this within a broad frequency range (300 Hz – 10 kHz) and under normal and oblique angles. From a sound source, positioned 23cm away from a PU probe, white noise is generated towards the measured sample. The design of the impedance gun is equipped with a system to decouple the sensors from structure born vibration generated by the spherical loudspeaker. The sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured right on the surface of the material. The absorption and reflection coefficient can be obtained directly from the measured impedance, which is the complex ratio of sound pressure and particle velocity.

Measurement results from the Impedance Gun are processed through a dedicated software application, which provides a user friendly interface to govern all your measurements regardless if they are related to different material samples, or different points within just one sample.

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