Dodecahedron Set DL303
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Building Acoustics

The DL303 is a dodecahedral sound source, which provides omnidirectional excitation according to all the latest standards. The source can be driven from a SoundBook or sound level meter, or an internal noise source that has been equalised for a flat response over the complete frequency range.

The speaker comes in a flight case, with large tripod and the Class D power amplifier is built-in to the head unit, with radio remote.


DL 301  (Dodecahedron Loudspeaker) (By amplifier  D 301) 

Frequency range  40 ÷ 20.000 Hz   (without sub woofer)

Power handling 300 W continuous (600 W peak peak)

Diameter 380 mm

Weight 9.5 Kg

Conforms ISO 140, ISO 3382, DIN52210

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