LSI LASTEM Compact Anemometer
from LSI

Acoustic Monitoring Stations

LSI LASTEM’s Compact Anemometer belongs to the wind application category. With high mechanical strength and a compact size, the sensors are specifically suitable to use in most strong wind applications. It is mainly used used when very long term reliability is needed without maintenance, as in wind turbine surveys and wind farms. These types of sensors are very compatible with all of the data loggers of the LSI LASTEM range. It can also be easily integrated with 3rd party systems and with a good quality relay generated linear output.

The DNA202 is working on the relay reed principle with a measuring range of 0-75 m/s. The data logger has compatibility with E log, R-log, M-log. The LSI LASTEM Compact Anemometer is available with various accessories including MM2001, MC1040, DNA208, DYA046 and MN1071. As LSI LASTEM offers all the accessories needed for the compact anemometer, the installation and operating process is so simple and easy.

This LSI LASTEM Compact Anemometer is ideal for when the need calls for better accuracy and threshold at even low wind speed. The operating temperature of the DNA202 is -35÷ +70°C (without ice). The connector is 4 pin models of IP65 watertight connector.

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