Microflown DAQ Scout 422
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The “Scout 422” is a highly accurate 24bit resolution USB data acquisition. It is developed for noise and vibration measurements with  Microflown probe based solutions. The “Scout 422” has four inputs, one output, an amplified output, tacho input and a external trigger  channel. It also supports other sensors like microphones, accelerometers, IEPE sensors and tachometers. For some features of our solutions  these types of sensors can be required.

In most common measurement applications the “Scout 422” makes use of the USB powering so no additional power cables are required. Only when the amplified output, which uses an internal integrated amplifier, is used the external powering is required. The amplified output can  be used to excite a sound source or small shaker.

The “Scout 422” is a modular data frontend. It is possible to link together up to 4 modules, for a total amount of 16 analog input channels.


  • All Microflown sensors can be directly connected, from 1 to 4 channels, AC coupling.
  • Calibration setup
  • Microflown technologies software application packages such as: Sound Intensity, Impedance, Scan & Paint and Scan & Paint for airborne Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)
  • Sound source mapping with phase/angle reference (f.e. Rotating machinery testing)
  • External / remote triggered control



Height: 110 mm Depth: 165 mm
Width: 45 mm Weight: 2.370 g




4 Analog Inputs


Connector: BNC

Resolution: 24 bit

Sample rate: up to 52 KHz

Input range: 1V-10V peak


1 Analog Output

Connector: BNC

Resolution: 24 bit

Sample rate: up to 52 KHz

Input range: 10V peak



1 Tachometer Input



Connector: BNC

Input range: +/- 30V

Max. input frequency: 1 MHz

Minimum pulse width: 1.3 micsec

Counters: 83 nanosec resolution

21 nanosec resolution


1 Power Amplified Output

Connector: BNC

Output range: 5 to 27 watt

Gain control

Fixed gain switch

1 External Trigger Connector: BNC

TTL rising

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