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Acoustic Imaging

Sound source localization is an important topic in the field of sound & vibration, from the product development stage to the end off line control of products. Scan&Paint is a fast, easy and accurate tool to visualize stationary sound fields with an unmatched spatial resolution and full acoustic bandwidth coverage (20Hz to 10kHz). The system is a superb engineering tool for troubleshooting or bench marking all kinds of objects on the spot.

No requirement for anechoic condition or chamber. In practice, there are many cases where anechoic conditions are not applicable, for instance in an industrial manufacturing environment or a car interior. PU probes allow direct measurements of particle velocity, which are not highly affected by background noise or reflections. Sound intensity measurements can be taken in situations with a high sound pressure to sound intensity ratio. A reference sensor can be added to preserve the relative phase for the measured particle velocity distribution. This feature enables to plot and study the dynamic behavior of samples. From system setup through data processing until results analysis, it only takes a few minutes to complete and entire measurement campaign.

The Scan & Paint method is very simple; the surface is scanned with one PU probe while a camera is positioned toward the surface to film the scanning. The recorded video and audio data are automatically synchronized by the software. The measurements are directly ready for further processing. In the post-processing, for each frame of the video the position of the probe is extracted. The auto-tracking function in the software enables to automatically recognize the probe and its position by a colour marking.


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