Soundbook Expander – 8-ch
from Sinus

Multi-Channel Systems

The Soundbook_Expander offers 8 fast 24-bit measuring channels in a USB device.

The Soundbook_Expander extends the Soundbook measurement system with 8 additional measuring channels and various additional service channels. Apart from the channel extension for Soundbook, the Expander, combined with a Widows PC, may be used as a stand-alone USB data acquisition device The Sync-Hub allows sample-synchronous operation of up to 4 Expanders and an additional Soundbook. This enables configuration of measurement systems with 8 … 40 measuring channels for a wide variety of applications.
Due to its high signal bandwidth, large dynamic range and integrated sensor power supply the flexible, portable measurement system is suited for all professional acoustic and vibration measurement applications. The Expander hardware is fully compatible with the Soundbook_MK2 and is based on the innovative Apollo platform.
You may choose from variants with 8x LEMO7 or 8x BNC measuring channels to match your application requirements. 8 additional slow channels, 2 tacho and trigger channels as well as one synchronisation and one AUX port make it a universal solution.

Connection between Soundbook_MK2 and the Expander is established through a special USB data cable and a separate synchronisation cable. These cables are included in lengths of 10cm for direct device installation and 1.5m for remote operation. When combined with a SYNC_Hub, the system is supplied from the enclosed power adapter.

Soundbook_Expander Sync Hub

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