Soundbook MK2
from Sinus

Multi-Channel Systems

The Soundbook MK2 is the 2nd-generation, Apollo™-compatible 24-bit measurement system from Sinus.

Sinus is a new addition to our suppliers and their SoundBook is a powerful analyser supporting up to 32 channels of acquisition.

The hardware can be built into the rugged Panasonic ToughBook, much loved by British gas technicians, making a very portable and tough measurement system, but external units like Apollo allow you to use any USB2.0 compatible laptop.

Hurricane and Swing are permanent embedded monitors for long term applications with web access and remote alerting via SMS/email

The Samurai software turns the system into a sound level meter, vibration meter, 1/3 octave analyser, FFT analyser, signal recorder, etc etc — the possibilities are almost limitless.

Additional software options allow measurements of sound power, sound intensity, room acoustics, and even vehicle pass-by.

In its environmental analyser guise, it allows logging of all noise (and vibration) parameters, and can also store audio records as a function of level trigger, or external trigger from ‘granny button’. Video can also be grabbed, making it easy to identify sources, and many post-processing options are available to make reporting easier.

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