SV207B Ground vibration accelerometer and housing with SV84
from Svantek

Microphones and Accelerometers

SV 207A is a very robust set dedicated for measurements of vibrations in buildings which includes high sensitivity triaxial accelerometer. It is an ideal accessory to be used with SVAN 958 four channel sound & vibration analyser and SVANTEK vibration monitoring systems. The triaxial accelerometer is placed in a metal base protecting it from dust, water and accidental damage.

SV 207A is equipped with levelling system (spikes) and spirit level providing easy adjustment of correct accelerometer’s position. Thanks to metal spikes SV 207A can be also mounted on uneven surfaces or floors covered by carpets.

Measurements according to DIN 4150 standard with SVAN 958 Sound & Vibration Analyser

Spirit level tool

Triaxial vibration accelerometer (1V/g sensitivity) mounted in robust hermetic metal base

Special levelling system mounted on metal spikes

Simultaneous measurement in X, Y and Z axes

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