SV212 Sound & Vibration Monitoring Case System
from Svantek

Acoustic Monitoring Stations

SV 212 Sound & Vibration Monitoring Case System is an easy to install and cost effective system for noise and vibration monitoring. SV 212 monitoring case is dedicated to be used with SVAN 958 or SVAN 958A instruments. The portable and battery powered system can be used for a variety of monitoring applications including construction site monitoring, tunneling and blasting. This portable system works great in noise & vibration monitoring applications related to construction sites and road traffic. The SV 212 is protected from weather conditions by a waterproof case with locking capabilities. This solution makes the system portable allowing it to be moved from one place to another easily. An internal battery is able to power the whole system up to two weeks without recharging. Alternatively the SV 212 can be powered from an external DC power source or solar panels.

Remote control of the SV 212 is available either over GPRS or Local Internet connection (LAN, WLAN). Data transmission is fully supported by SvanPC++_RC Remote Communication software. Remote communication allows the user to set up the instrument and download data from monitoring systems placed in the field. Remote alarms that send messages via e-mails and text messages (SMS) are also implemented.

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